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Carl Bradshaw has been in business for more than three decades, he has had both failures and successes. If you are like most of our clients, you are driven and successful in what you do, but still, you want more. You are a small business owner or a key member of staff in a larger organisation and you continually look for growth and probably struggle with managing your time because you do so much. Carl has crossed many of the same hurdles during his career (he’s got the t-shirt and scars) and speaks from experience when helping you to achieve your dreams, and goals and keep a happy work-life/family balance.

About Carl Bradshaw:

Carl Bradshaw Business Coach

Here are the top seven reasons I became a professional business coach, business mentor and Non-Executive Director:

  • It fosters my passion for people and building connections.
  • It allows me to excel in what I naturally do best.
  • It fuels my own personal and professional growth.
  • It ignites my continuous love for learning.
  • It offers the chance to collaborate with inspiring individuals.
  • Encourages daily creativity in solving business challenges.
  • Provides a fulfilling way to support my lifestyle, with the bonus of a commute-free virtual setup.

A brief history of Carl Bradshaw

Association of Business Mentors Full Member

Let me introduce you to Carl, a true journeyman of the business world. Back in ’88, Carl hopped on board the family venture, Bradex Insurance Brokers, diving headfirst into the deep end of financial services. From insurance to mortgage broking, and even doling out independent financial advice, he’s done it all.

Fast forward to 1999, and Carl’s vision for growth saw him stepping up as Company Director. Over the next six years, he was the captain steering the ship, boosting the business turnover by a whopping 70% before selling to Budget Insurance Group in 2006. Talk about perfect timing, right before the 2008 crash!

Banking and Insolvency

Carl’s adventure didn’t stop there. He was scooped up by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, taking on the role of Financial Planning Manager, zipping around from Cheshire to Lancaster, making finance fun and accessible.

2007 brought a new chapter with Begbies Traynor, under the guidance of Carl Stott. Here, Carl spun his magic, weaving connections between mortgage brokers and financial advisers, and rolling out a sub, subprime offering to an impressive network of over 11,000 pros.

Entrepreneurial Bug

But the entrepreneurial bug bit again in 2008, leading Carl to launch Positive Business Development. By 2014, this venture evolved into a powerhouse team offering top-notch business advice and coaching, mainly serving the North West of England.

Social Impact

But wait, there’s more to Carl than just business. He’s a big-hearted local hero too, serving as a Trustee for a heritage charity, Trustee/Treasurer for a family mediation charity and kicking it as Club Secretary for a not-for-profit football club in Lancashire. Keeping bodies and minds fit is part of his game plan.

And in the world of giving back, Carl’s been a guiding light as a Non-Executive Director for a community interest company and a founding member of an educational centre’s advisory board. Dive into Coach Carl’s story in the Guardian Newspaper for the full scoop on this dynamic journey.

Member of the Chartered Governance Institute
In 2020, Carl bid farewell to his role as the regional head of the Association of Business Mentors, but his passion for mentoring didn’t stop there.

He continues to share his expertise as a business mentor at the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (MIOEE). He holds a retired membership with the Chartered Insurance Institute, boasting qualifications like Cert PFS, Cert CII, and CeMap.

Carl’s wealth of knowledge is also recognised by the Manufacturing Advisory Service and Business Growth Service, where he’s registered as an expert. Plus, he’s a proud member of the Institute of Directors, staying connected and contributing to the broader business community.
Hootsuite Professional Carl Bradshaw

Accreditations and Professional Memberships

Full Member of the Association of Business Mentors (ABM)
Accredited Hootsuite Social Media Expert
Accredited mentor for the Business Growth Hub (Manchester)
Accredited coach for Boost the Business Growth Program (LEP Lancashire)
Accredited mentor of the IoEE
Business Mentor for the Help to Grow
Member of
Member of the Corporate Governance Institute
Member of the Institute of Directors
Our holding company is an accredited member of the Good Business Charter.

Nominated Top 50 Advisers 2020,21,22

I am so pleased to have been nominated for the Enterprise Nation Top 50 Advisers of 2020,21 & 22

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