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Ben Revell’s entrepreneurial career started back in 2010. When he took up a position in a start-up within the luxury goods sector (primarily operating within the prestigious watch market). Ben remained with the company as a founding member for 4 years. Relocating to London and joining another start-up, still within the luxury goods sector but this time concentrating primarily on the diamond market. Having cut his teeth in these two enterprises, in 2016 Ben embarked on his most noted journey to date combining his two passions of wine and technology by setting up what is now one of the largest online drinks marketplaces globally.

Over the past 10 years, Ben Revell has experienced the trials and tribulations of raising investment, marketing and growing several new businesses from scratch, recruiting new staff, employing and managing a large team across multiple time zones, sourcing premises and resources etc.  All this of course over some of the most challenging years that any company has faced in recent times (Covid, Lockdown etc).

Extensive experience in all forms of fundraising, from institutional investment to Crowdfunding, Angel Investors and debt financing.

He has in-depth knowledge of the 360 marketing approach overseeing the entire marketing funnel and managing a budget of $10m+ PA which has driven over $1bn in sales.

Ben Revell, having been CEO and founder of three companies that have seen rapid growth, has a wealth of experience on how to grow efficiently and navigate challenging times. Now an advisor and shareholder in over 50 companies globally (sector agnostic) he has also been involved in multiple successful exits.

Ben is now expanding his passion for helping others into business mentoring and coaching, joining the team here at Bradex Business Solutions, so if you would like to be coached by Ben, please complete the contact form below:

Ben Revell Business Coach

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