Charlotte Fallon Smith – business coach & mentor.

Charlotte Fallon Smith dove headfirst into entrepreneurship right after university, where she embarked on an adventure to co-found an e-commerce business within the dynamic sports and outdoor market. This rapidly transformed into a flourishing enterprise, notching 8-figure revenues within just six years and proudly clinching the No. 15  spot on the Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 list twice.

Charlotte Fallon Smith - Business Coach

Charlotte Fallon Smith – Business Coach

In those foundational years, ‘wearing different hats’ was far from a metaphor—it was the essence of my daily experience. From orchestrating social media campaigns to our financial strategies, I delved deeply into every corner of the business. This hands-on approach was pivotal, especially when our team was very lean, and I played a key role in establishing the groundwork for each department from scratch. My knack for swiftly addressing and resolving issues across all departments earned me the nickname of the company’s ‘firefighter,’ a testament to my adaptability in the fast-paced growth environment of our business.

The cornerstone of our business philosophy was a culture that echoed a close-knit family rather than a conventional corporate structure. We cultivated an atmosphere brimming with loyalty, collaboration, and mutual support, fostering resilience and adaptability that were mirrored in both our team’s spirit and our company’s achievements.

Leadership for me was about engaging directly with every challenge, streamlining processes, and implementing SOPs that significantly enhanced our operational efficiency. With the growth of our team, the undeniable value of collaboration and support in turning any vision into reality became increasingly evident.

Although my academic journey ended with a BSc Hons degree, the real education for me was the countless experiences and triumphs encountered in building a business. These experiences have helped me with resilience, highlighted the importance of adaptability, and reinforced the power of self-belief.

Today, as a business coach and mentor, I bring this wealth of experience to the table, driven by a mission to initiate change, spark innovation, and forge lasting connections. My guiding principle is simple: if I can fully grasp the essence of your business, regardless of the sector, I am confident in my ability to contribute meaningful, impactful solutions and offer a different perspective on the challenges you face.

Charlotte Fallon Smith Business Coach

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