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We are business mentor’s, we help high achievers attain high growth, & make more time for what matters most to them.

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    Research has shown that 70% of small businesses that receive mentoring survive for five years or more, which is double the rate compared with non-mentored entrepreneurs. FSB.

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Meet the 'A Team'

We are a team of advisers and business mentors with decades of experience.

Bright Ideas!

Remember the80/20 rule—applies to every single area of life. Most of the output will always be produced by just a few key factors.

Meet the 'B Team'

A group of impassioned business mentors that are excited to help people and businesses just like you

See what our clients say about us:

Gary Armstrong Testimonial
Carl is an excellent communicator and is very good at building relationships that have longevity and substance. – Gary Armstrong – LinkedIn.
John Leigh Mentor Testimonial

I turn to Carl when I need help with growing the business. He’s trustworthy, experienced and fun to be around. – John Leigh – LinkedIn.

Gayle Mansfield Testimonial
As my reputation is very valuable to me I would only recommend people who work to my standards. – Gayle Mansfield – LinkedIn.

Achieve your goals !

We help business owners who want to succeed! —people just like you
get the clarity, confidence, and tools you need to win & succeed at business & in life.

What we do.

Bradex Business Solutions provides UK business owners with direct access to business advice, support and marketing across Manchester, Lancashire and the UK.
We offer business mentor UK Provided by trained and experienced business mentors based in Manchester and Lancashire who get you results. Take a look at our Business Mentor Fees here.

Why hire us?

Generally a business adviser, mentor or coach has the right expertise to help you solve a problem, they are more cost effective than full time employees, as they don’t carry extra benefits, such as car, pension and phone.

We can provide a catalyst to change within your business, and bring an new objectivity – or a fresh pair of eyes as we are looking inward to your business.

Skill Sets

We come with skill sets such as: Business strategy, leadership management, emotional intelligence, sales & marketing, financial planning & cost management, operational skills and people & talent management.

Most important of all we have been there and done it.

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