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At our core, we're all about backing, steering, and emboldening you to craft the life and business you envision.

As business coaches, our passion lies in assisting Directors and key employees in gaining clear perspectives, delving into fresh possibilities, nurturing empowering routines, boosting productivity, and achieving remarkable outcomes.

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    Of those with a business coach 97% say they are valuable, 55% believe coaching can help them succeed, 60% look for experience in a coach above anything else, but 85% currently do not have a coach. 93% of small and medium sized businesses acknowledge that coaching can help them to succeed.

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I want help to make a bigger impact, accomplish more and be more productive with my business.

1.Guidance to make changes happen

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We help business owners who want to succeed!people just like you— to get the clarity, confidence, and tools you need to win & succeed at business & in life.

Discover the value we add to our clients:

Iain Pearson Charity Mentor Testimonial
Its been a pleasure having Carl as our business coach. He's listened, given insightful business advice and above all else, helped us to focus on the stuff that really matters. Its been worthwhile for our charity - Iain Pearson - LinkedIn.
Oliver Alcock Business Mentor Testimonial

Carl has been amazing with my business growth advice and support! One change alone has increased our business turn over by a minimum of 25%. Can’t rate Carl enough. - Oliver Alcock - LinkedIn.

Gail Howarth Virtual Mentor Testimonial
Carl has provided virtual coaching to me. Carl is definitely the go-to man! Full of knowledge and experience and extremely easy to communicate with. Carl has built my confidence. - Gail Howarth - LinkedIn.
Gavin Hall Executive Business Mentor Testimonial

Carl came in and did nothing but prove the value of not only his business mind but also, a warm feeling of sincere care for myself and the business. The knowledge he carries, beggars belief and I’d have no issue taking him on in any manner. Business Utilities Group - Gavin Hall - LinkedIn.

Tom Cook Business Mentor Endorsement

The ideas that followed through conversations in the sessions we had with Carl are now being implemented and helping our business grow quicker, run smoother and more efficiently! We can't thank him enough and we had a great laugh throughout our time together! - Tom Cook - LinkedIn.

John Cawood Business Mentor Testimonial

Carl was able to guide me, whilst at the same time making suggestions that have completely changed the way I run my business, allowing me to step back and be able to see the bigger picture, not just day-to-day, which is what my business needs from me in order to progress and to survive. - John Cawood - LinkedIn.

Amy King Business Mentor Testimonial

Carl has been supporting our clients on a variety of projects. He has worked with growing businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs, inspiring and supporting so many people in their journeys. - Amy King - LinkedIn.

Jill Boardman Charity Mentor Testimonial

Carl provided me with a non-judgemental listening ear, valuable expert advice and support through a period of difficult circumstances in my role as a Charity Chief Executive. I value the time and support provided by Carl. - Jill Boardman - LinkedIn.

Graham Coulston-Herrmann Business Mentor Testimonial

Carl helped me to look objectively at the business which allowed us to grow and create more jobs. At the same time he challenged me about the less profitable parts and to concentrate on the more profitable areas. - Graham Coulston-Herrmann - LinkedIn.

Bright Ideas!

Remember the80/20 rule— (Pareto) applies to every single area of life. Most of the output will always be produced by just a few key factors.

Meet the 'B Team'

A group of impassioned business coaches that are excited to help people and businesses just like you

What we do.

Bradex Business Solutions provides UK business owners with direct access to business advice, support and marketing across Manchester, Lancashire and the UK.
We offer business coach UK Provided by trained and experienced business coaches based in Manchester, Lancashire & across the UK who get you results. Take a look at our Business Coach Fees and Business Coach Testimonials.

Why hire us?

Generally a business coach, adviser or mentor has the right expertise to help you solve a problem, they are more cost-effective than full-time employees, as they don't carry extra benefits, such as car, pension and phone.

See our Core Values and Code of Conduct.

We can provide a catalyst to change within your business, and bring a new objectivity – or a fresh pair of eyes as we are looking inward to your business.

Skill Sets

We come with skill sets such as: Business strategy, leadership management, emotional intelligence, sales & marketing, financial planning & cost management, operational skills and people & talent management.

Consulting Services for Non-Profit and Charity.

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