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What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a powerful personal & business development tool that can enable you to achieve your personal & business goals.

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What is mentoring?

Meet the 'A Team'

We are a team of advisers and business mentors with decades of experience.

Bright Ideas!

Remember the80/20 rule—applies to every single area of life. Most of the output will always be produced by just a few key factors.

Meet the 'A Team'

We are a team of advisers and business mentors with decades of experience.

See what our clients say about us:

Gary Armstrong Testimonial
Carl is an excellent communicator and is very good at building relationships that have longevity and substance. – Gary Armstrong – LinkedIn.
John Leigh Mentor Testimonial
Carl is a really helpful friend and mentor. I turn to him when I need help with growing the business. He’s trustworthy, experienced and fun to be around. – John Leigh – LinkedIn.
Gayle Mansfield Testimonial
as my reputation is very valuable to me I would only recommend people who work to my standards and I have no issue with recommending Carl to anyone. – Gayle Mansfield – LinkedIn.

Achieve your goals !

We help business owners who want to succeed !people just like you—get the clarity, confidence, and tools you need to win & succeed at business & in life.

What we do.

Bradex Business Solutions provides business owners with direct access to business advice, support and marketing across the North West of England and the UK. Formed in 2008 the business has evolved from an individual consultant to a wide cross section of industry sectors, each consultant is running or has run their own business and each are experts in the own field.

Why hire us?

Generally a business adviser has the right expertise to help you solve a problem, they are more cost effective than full time employees, as they don’t carry extra benefits, such as car, pension and phone.

We can provide a catalyst to change within your business, and bring an new objectivity – or a fresh pair of eyes as we are looking inward to your business.
We have a wealth of business connections that could help you win new business.

Skill Sets

We come with skill sets such as: Business strategy, leadership management, emotional intelligence, sales & marketing, financial planning & cost management, operational skills and people & talent management.