Business Mentor Case Study #1

Case Study Business Mentor

Business Mentor Case Study

Carl Bradshaw, our mentor has been amazing helping with my business growth advice and support! One simple change that Carl recommended that I changed in the business, and already that one change has increased our business turnover by 25%. Can’t rate Carl enough, quality personality and excellent mindset behind business growth!!

Testimonial from the Business Mentor Case Study

The business mentor meetings were all very positive and have not only had an immediate impact on turnover through the changes we made to our pricing structure, but it has also had an impact on the way I run my business.

The mentoring gave me the opportunity to get out of the business on a regular basis and focus on the business and the direction we are moving in, rather than getting distracted by the day to day business activities. I now have a clear strategy to focus on to achieve all my objectives over the next couple of years and I am confident that I can make these a reality.

The support that Carl provided wasn’t really rocket science, it was just the small day to day things that he reviewed which have made significant improvements to the business as a whole.

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