Business energy prices surging

Business Energy Prices

The expected surge in business energy prices this April 2022, and how to manage them is a recurring conversation I am having with clients during our mentoring sessions of late. A number of small businesses also express their concern in this report by

So I spoke with a professional connection of mine in the business energy sector to find out more:

The expected rise is due to a number of pressing factors, Managing Director, Gavin Hall of  Business Utilities Group says:

‘In the current climate with everything going on it is vital that you know, not only what your costs are but that you have been billed accurately over your time with your supplier. Business Utilities Group was founded with that in mind, our core ethos is transparency and impartiality

We start by looking backwards first, we review all your energy supplies back for 5 years with the mindset that any errors are money you shouldn’t of spent and they will get that back to you, 100%. Before negotiating terms for you going forward’

Fixed price business energy contracts

Fixed-price and term contracts are common with business utility contracts so you may avoid the initial rise in April. However, if your current fixed price deal is coming to an end, then call Gavin today on 01772 367717.