Carl Bradshaw Business Mentor the interview

Carl Bradshaw Business Mentor

Carl Bradshaw, Business Mentor is the founder of Bradex Business Solutions…

He is a  time served business mentor who has owned and run businesses in financial services, property, e-commerce and digital, advertising. Along with consulting, board advisory and coaching and mentoring.

He was born in Manchester, married, has one son, two granddaughters follow Manchester City and live in Ramsbottom, Bury for more than 26 years.

Why did you choose to become a business mentor?

‘Mentoring found me’ Carl was at a networking event in 2008 talking with an accountant, about looking to volunteer in Lancashire.

Carl was introduced to Community and Business Partners as a potential mentor for their Guardian Angel scheme, as a result he took on his first client and has never looked back as Carl love’s what he does.

How do you make a real difference to Lancashire businesses?

Carl is a GP of business mentoring with a ‘challenger’ style often playing devil’s advocate or sounding board, so he can be quite direct and ask those questions that others dare not.

What is your area of expertise and why is it an important area for business leaders to address?

Carl has done most roles in business from janitor to managing director, as you do in a family business.

As a result of running the family insurance brokerage, he has a financial/sales background. Along with broad knowledge, of most things business.  So, he would say he was more of a general practitioner rather than a specialist.

What has been your most inspirational moment as a business mentor?

Helping a client to release an extra 20% of sales that they didn’t know existed. By changing just one thing in their business operation.

What are the key challenges for small businesses at the moment?

Being brave enough to step back from the business. To look at the whole business picture.

When your mind and body are telling you to keep your head down and plough on regardless through this pandemic.

As a mentor, what are your three small business growth tips?

Make time for yourself, rediscover your why.

Review sales methods regularly.

Make the most of customer feedback good and bad. Turn the negatives into positives.


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