The five signs that you need a business mentor

Five signs you need a business mentor

As business owners and entrepreneurs we are typically people that are independent and free-thinking, we are usually excellent in our chosen field and despite the varying education levels, no one has ever taught us how to own and run a business, or how to balance the fine line between family and business. A business mentor is well placed to help you cut your learning time, help avoid some of the pitfalls and put yourself and your business into high gear towards growth and achievement.

From experience, there are tell-tale signs that it is time to hire a business mentor. I read an article in Forbes magazine a couple of years ago that listed their number one reasons for hiring a business mentor and this is my twist on that article.

Five Reasons You Need a Business Mentor from Bradex Business Solutions on Vimeo.

1.Life is coming at you faster than you can handle it.

From experience, I find that this is the most common reason for people calling me ‘because I feel overwhelmed’ there is so much to do and not enough time to complete it all. Are you working long days and even longer weekends at the expense of family or personal time? You might not notice at first, 8 hours quickly become 14 hours when you are busy. It is key to remember:

Taking time out of your business is important too.

2. I have problems and I don’t know who to talk to.

It is lonely at the top – and to be honest, it is, you are expected to be a leader and continually strive for excellence, Oh and be positive at all times. So no matter whether the problems are large or small, you need someone you can vent to, someone to express your fears and concerns with. Someone to listen. Let’s be honest, all too often our partners, spouses, accountants and employees are not always the right people to provide an unvested opinion.

3.You are not reaching the results that you want to achieve.

Remember that dream you had when you started out? The big house, car, holidays and yachts… Setting goals are important, it helps steer the ship in the right direction, but what happens when your business starts to turn in a different direction and you are not getting the results that you want? A business mentor offers an objective outside view/opinion that has no bias. Now is the time to hire your business mentor.

4. You find yourself surrounded by Yes men.

As you move further up the corporate ladder, the people that surround you have more to lose and their objectiveness can be doubted, so much so that you begin to find that you start to only listen to your own advice. A business mentor will offer you an honest opinion based on their own experience, not on whether it will please you.

5. You have arrived at your original goal and now you cannot move past it.

We all want to grow, personally and our businesses. Growth is vital as the saying goes:

If you are not growing you are shrinking

I often find clients approaching me as they have arrived at their original milestone of say £100,000 or £1m but cannot seem to move past it, no matter what they do.

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