Mentor Support

Mentor Support

Mentor Support from ourselves is typically business to a business arrangement. Our experience lies in owning and running businesses, the mistakes and the successes that we have made over our careers on our own account.

What better way to be supported than by someone who has been there and done it, and yes in some instance owns the t-shirt.

The definition of mentoring according to the Oxford Dictionary:

an experienced person who advises and helps somebody with less experience over a period of time.

It is worth noting that as business mentors we keep up to date with current trends and practices in business and the modern use of media as well as the old traditional ways of doing things.

From my own experience mentoring business owners, Directors and key staff members, mentoring goes far beyond advising someone with less experience. I have been involved with clients much more senior both in years and experience than myself who have valued my younger (more broad business knowledge) input, in fact, there are a number of large corporates who are also using ‘reverse mentoring’ to their great advantage.

It’s all about taking the concept of mentoring – wise older person takes raw younger person under their wing – and turning it on its head. Reverse mentoring acknowledges that the more senior person is the one who is looking for a fresh outlook.- Virgin – Lucy John

The above exerpt was taken from the article written by Virgin all about reverse mentoring and its benefits and you can find it here.

All mentoring relationships are unique and as such a mentor can provide mentor support in a number of ways such as:

Mentor Support 
Sounding Boardto test ideas and suggestions on
Facilitatorto be able to point to potential opportunities, arrange introductions
Advisorto provide objective advice on a range of issues, including career opportunities
Coachto directly assist the mentee to improve a specific skill
Expertto act as a source of technical/professional knowledge
Source of organisational materialto be able to explain policies, culture, values
Role modelto promote and encourage positive behaviours in others
Source of feedbackto provide constructive feedback
Confidantto express fears and concerns to
Motivatorto encourage the achievement of goals and boost morale
Challengerto challenge assumptions and encourage alternative thinking

So when you are considering hiring a mentor, do not discount those who are perhaps younger than yourself, or appear at first glance to have less experience.

After all there is a reason that ‘sounding board’ is number one on the table above.

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