Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics

Twitter has recently made its Twitter Analytics available to everyone who has an account, why is this important you ask? Well if you are using twitter for business purposes it is certainly a useful tool to be able to take a snap shot look at your account and its impact on your potential clients and customers, to see if you are engaging with them in a positive way.

Try it here: Remember, you must be signed in to your account in order to access analytics.

Twitter Activity

Twitter Analytics The above image show Twitter Activity over the last 28 days, this is the number of times twitter users have seen your posts over the last month.

Twitter Engagement

Twitter Analytics
On the first tab not only will you see your twitter activity, but also your engagement and below your recent individual tweets and how each has performed. So imagine for a second that you are running an e-commerce store and you see increases in your follower engagement following your tweets about new products, or launches on new seasons products. How much value would you place on knowing which types of tweets get the most engagement from your followers?

By knowing which types of tweets, i.e. Pictures, Video, Text, Links etc are getting the most engagement, you can plan your social media campaigns around product launches with a greater degree of success. Once you are armed with this information you can then concentrate on increasing the number of retweets, replies, link clicks etc, and your number of dedicated followers should increase take a look at one of my earlier articles detailing the 6 tips to increasing your twitter followers.

Twitter also produce this handy guide for how to measure your performance.

Twitter Accounts to follow

Here are a few accounts that I manage that you might like to follow:


Twitter Interests
Again by understanding what the top 5 interests of your followers are, you can gain a greater understanding of what content to put out across your social media platforms to gain more engagement, retweets, and link clicks, thus actively driving more traffic towards your social media placements and websites. So if you take a look at the image below, you will find that these particular users most unique interests are Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, SEO and Small Business, now this clearly tells the account holder, that should he continue to send broadcasts with this subjects that they are more likely to be engaged with the content than anything else.
Twitter Analytics
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