Mentor Connect

Mentor Connect Sessions - Mondays 12noon

Join our Mentor Connect live sessions every Monday at 12 noon till 12.30pm.

Please be aware that there are limited spaces available, with a maximum of 20 slots per session. To secure your spot, I strongly advise booking early to avoid any potential disappointment.

I am thrilled to announce the commencement of our Mentor Connect events every Monday at 12 noon, each lasting for 30 minutes. In each session, we will focus on a chosen subject matter, starting with “Networking Do’s and Don’ts” on Monday, 31st July 2023, via Zoom.

Confidentiality is paramount in our discussions, and I am pleased to inform you that these sessions will be guided by Carl Bradshaw, a seasoned business mentor | executive coach and non-executive director with over 30 years of business experience. To foster meaningful exchanges, we strongly encourage peer-to-peer discussions.

Carl came in and did nothing but prove the value of not only his business mind but also, a warm feeling of sincere care for myself and the business. The knowledge he carries, beggars belief and I’d have no issue taking him on in any manner. Business Utilities Group 

Gavin Hall – Managing Director

To ensure your participation, please book your slot by visiting the following link:

Thank you, and I look forward to our productive and insightful sessions together.

If you are looking for one to one or private group business mentoring and executive coaching then please see our virtual business mentor guide.