Introducing Alistair Ritchie

Introducing Alistair Ritchie, Scotland

Alistair Ritchie is an engineer/musician/photographer turned executive coach and he uses his experiences and skills in all these areas in coaching. Different clients / different situations require different approaches and, with a broad background spanning technology and creativity, Alistair brings different facets and approaches to suit the ‘here and now’ of his client.

Alistair’s business life has been in executive, non-executive and project roles in fast-paced industries where the link between business, technology and the environment is hard to define but the key to success. Where Innovation, Transformation and Change are constant requirements. The interfaces between business and technology or design and technology are crucial in enabling change and transformation.

Coaching for Change

Alistair works with individuals, teams and organisations to achieve change in areas that can have major benefits across the board:

  • Innovation, transformation, growth, sustainability
  • breaking through barriers

These are where his background, skills and experience are most relevant; where through working together, you, your team or your organisation can step up; where we can address questions like ‘what if…?’

His clients broadly tend to fall into three groups:

  • Teams, directors and senior managers in organisations wanting to change, grow and innovate
  • Start-ups, scale-ups and individuals that want to break the mould
  • Individuals stepping up to a new role/position

Lateral Coaching

Lateral coaching is based on the premise that there is no box. When looking for and considering options there should be no constraints, old or new. Often to move forwards you need to move sideways first to gain a new perspective; see around the wall, find the bridge, and open the tunnel.

Approachable Professionalism

Coaching is all about the client. The coach and coaching support and aid the client in finding benefits that are eye-opening, energising and thought-provoking.

Maximising rapport between client and coach is fundamental to a good coaching outcome. As part of that he aims to learn about my client’s business and their role within it; this helps me better understand my client and coach them.

Alistair takes a planned intuitive approach in session involving coaching models and tools appropriate for that moment and to provide clients with the time and security of space to think, reflect and respond.

He uses elements of his performance background to help bring aspects to life, to improve client engagement and, via a range of exercises, to help the client discover options for themselves.

Alistair follows and complies with the standards of the Association for Coaching’s Global Code of Ethics.

Memberships and Accreditations

Corporate Coach International ILM7 (Post Graduate Certificate)
Member of the Association for Coaching
Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology; Chartered Engineer
Thomas PPA Accredited

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