How to achieve more in less time

How to accomplish more in a day

As a business mentor I am often asked how do I manage my time, and what hints and tips I can give for time management.

I have a really simple system that works with a combination of digital formats and good old pen and paper.

These are the resources I use daily, Google Calendar, Microsoft OneNote, Evernote and Zapier I use a simple list format with tick box, however, I also add a priority number to my items in the list.

Google Calendar is ever present in my life and I’m not sure I would ever go back to a paper diary again, couple this with Zapier and you have an auto email in your inbox with a link for directions to every meeting saving time on each journey you make. Endlessly useful tools.

I was a bit of a late comer to OneNote as I preferred pen and paper for years, but this little used almost forgotten Microsoft product has won me over, with its diversity and ability to keep everything in its place – you can even sketch on it (with a touch screen) and add images, it even works with Blackberry.

I started listing in my 20’s and found some great tips in the book ‘Selling to Win’ by Richard Denny. Especially use the last 15 minutes of everyday to plan for tomorrow. Carl Bradshaw

It was in a recent article that I read about Evernote and keeping a journal that brought me back to this well designed mobile and desktop application.

I read that keeping a journal about your daily, weekly activity and what affect it has on you can have a huge impact of your personal development – so I thought I’d give it a try again.

When I first started out as a mentor I used to ask my mentees at the first meeting to keep a journal of all their activities for a week in order to help us spot any time saving or operational improvements – it was always an interesting activity.

I will keep you post on how I get on with my personal journal.

Zapier is the glue that makes everything work together, it is a unique peice of SaSS for making things happen in your life.

Whether you want a text to remind you of a meeting, or something more complicated to quote them ‘Integrate – Automate – Innovate’ after all what is the point of technology if we cant make it work for us in our daily lives.

The one thing I have consistently done throughout my working life is kept copious notes about meetings and sessions I have been involved in. Ask any of my clients and they will tell you I use old fashioned pen and ink, and I keep everything in my note pads going back to the 80’s.

I am currently using Moleskine note pads as they work well with fountain pens without the smudging especially as I am left handed.

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Achieve more in less time?

Procrastination kills Productivity

If you think you will fail you will

Failure to plan leads to failure

Key Points

    1. Keep lists however, it suits you
    2. Prioritise your lists
    3. Keep a diary and work it
    4. Use the last 15 minutes of everyday to plan tomorrow
    5. Your way is the right way!
How to accomplish more in a day

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