How balanced is your business?

how balanced is your business

How does your wheel balance in your business?

Behavioural Profile DiscWhen looking at an organisation or business from a sales management consultancy or business mentoring point of view its is important to look at a number of basic factors including, financials, market position, market offering, and ability to perform at current levels and at predicted growth levels too mention just a few.

However, the one perspective most consultants and mentors overlook is the importance of having the right balance of staff, not just the right numbers in each department but that each key member of staff is in the right place doing the right job in order for both them as individuals and the business to succeed.

In fact it is possible to pick the businesses that will fail by using our Behavioral Profiling tools.

Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, including both their weaknesses and strengths, so that the can develop strategies to the demands of their environment. In fact, understanding yourself and others has been recognised as a key factor for peak performance over many thousands of years.

“He who understands others is learned, He who understands himself is wise.”
Lao Tse
Founder of Taoism in 6th Century B.C.

Does your wheel have missing spokes?

As we all know from growing up as children if your bike has missing spokes, it becomes unbalanced and doesn’t rotate the same or allow you to balance on top quiet as easily as when it is full of spokes in the right places.
Achieving a good match between the behavioural demands of a job and the natural behavioural strengths, or Behavioural Style, of a candidate is critical to produce successful performance in any work or lifestyle situation. We use Behavioural Profiling as a simple and effective way of assessing the potential behavioural fit between an individual and a job role.

So why do I need both Personality and Behavioural Assessments?

Personality and behaviour are essentially different measurements. It is therefore possible to have two individuals with similar personalities but who exhibit totally different behavioural styles.
Behavioural profiling considers a number of different aspects of an individual when conducting an behavioural assessment such as:

• Energy Level
• Frustration Tolerance
• Acceptance of Diversity
• Integrity
• Self-Control
• Accommodation to Others
• Positive Service Attitude
• Productive Attitude
• Task Focus

“If a person is not performing as expected, it is probably because they have been miscast for the job”
W. Edwards Deming

We use a range of assessment tools to enable understanding and to provide non-judgemental insights into ourselves and others. The majority of the assessments are web delivered and include products from the world leaders in computerised assessments.

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Title: How balanced is your business?
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