6 Simple Tips for Improving Your Workplace Productivity

6 simple steps

Individual workplaces, roles and professions make differing demands of the people working within them but upping productivity is always likely to be beneficial whatever the setting or scenario here’s our simple tips

And if you are aiming to get ahead in your job and your career then find ways to make sure you are maximising the value of your own efforts could make a big difference in terms of how you are perceived and, ultimately, how good you are at your job.

With all that in mind, here are six really simple tips that could help make you more productive.

1 – Learn to say ‘no’

If you’re aiming to standout and to impress your bosses and co-workers then it can be tempting to simply say ‘yes’ to everyone and to take on every task that is ever in the offing.

Over time though this can lead to a situation in which you are simply taking on too much and then being left looking less capable and diligent than in fact you are.

On the flipside, saying ‘no’ to offers of taking on fresh tasks can actually enable you to do a better job with the work you already have at hand and you may well be more productive as a result.

2 – Use daily to-do lists

This is a very straightforward tip with the potential for productivity gains drawn from the fact that a to-do list helps provide focus and tasks can then be systematically ticked off one at a time.

Essentially, having a daily to-do list can bring a sense of order to your everyday proceedings and give you a better chance of getting jobs done rather than worrying about what’s coming next or what you’ve not done but should’ve.

3 – Cut out distractions

The modern world is absolutely packed full of online distractions and much the same can be said of many offices or workplaces. The more you can limit these distractions, the more productive you are likely to be.

It’s important to take breaks and to switch off when you have an opportunity to do so but if you are in the habit of half focusing on social media when you should be trying to get things done then there’s every chance your productivity is suffering.

One way you can cut down on everyday distractions is to only have certain social media platforms installed on certain devices. So you might take Facebook off your desktop computer, for example, and use it purely on your mobile phone instead of having it constantly accessible on every device you use.

The real key here though is to be honest about what distractions you really need to cut out and then to focus on finding ways to do that.

4 – Set goals for yourself

Some jobs and workplaces are more goal-oriented than others. But whether or not you are being set explicit goals by your bosses, it can be a real advantage to set clear targets for yourself and to work towards them as much as you can.

Without setting completely unrealistic aims, being ambitious in this respect can be a real advantage as well. Setting your sights high and understanding what it will take to get there is almost a sure-fire way to improve your overall productivity as a professional in any field.

5 – Sleep well, eat well and be healthy

This tip works as well for life in general and not just from the perspective of how you might become more productive in your work life. Getting a good sleep on a consistent basis isn’t always easy but trying to make sure you give yourself the best opportunity to do so can have major benefits in terms of how productive you can be.

Similarly, eating healthy food and generally trying live a healthy life can notably boost your productivity as a professional.

Some people find it easy to eat and live healthily, while others will find it something close to a constant struggle. The important point to remember though is that some efforts to be fit and healthy are better than none at all and that any gains you can make in this respect can be valuable and make a real difference.

6 – Take a step back occasionally

We all know that working hard isn’t necessarily the same as working smart. From a productivity perspective, it can be absolutely invaluable to take a step back from your daily work from time to time to get a broader sense of what kind of value your efforts are bringing to the table.

In some respects, being an outstanding employee or a professional to be reckoned with is about asking the right questions and spotting opportunities to do more with less.

John Baird is a personal finance and insolvency expert from Scotland Debt Solutions. He specialises in advising people on how to manage their money and deal with their personal debt problems.